Fitted furniture... whatever the dimension

With 3D Fit, Schmidt has put its philosophy of made-to-measure into practice by offering you customisable solutions for every room in the home. Customisation now covers every aspect of design: dimensions, aesthetics and functions. It’s a unique concept that makes almost anything possible for your new storage solution. Your space is optimised and the range of colours and finishes is limitless!

Storage in every dimension

Explore all the possibilities your home has to offer! Our solutions are modular to the nearest millimetre, in terms of width, height and depth. They adapt to the configuration of your room, whatever the architectural and space constraints. With Schmidt, you optimise the available space and we build a storage solution around your needs.

Made-to-measure drawers with glass sides as standard, allow you to optimise your storage space. Your units fit perfectly between your walls and can reach from floor to ceiling.