Relaxation room with sewing workshop and storage for photographic equipment
Relaxation room with sewing workshop on one side and amateur photography studio with equipment storage on the other.

Storage solutions for leisure and creative spaces

Shared passions

This beautiful symmetrical leisure room is specially designed to satisfy everyone’s needs. The storage spaces have been modelled on the family’s different passions and their respective equipment. Olivier’s cameras and precious lenses are tucked away in the drawer’s felt dividers, while the large tripods are housed in bespoke cubbyholes. Similarly, fabrics, ribbons and buttons have their very own space, just like a sewing shop. As soon as Sandra has some time to herself, she sits at the table to create her very own designs.

Zoom on this leisure room with its storage solutions

Concealed storage for ironing table and open niches for accessories
Numerous cubbyholes and a concealed space for the ironing table.
Photographers studio, wood-coloured and white, with made-to-measure niches and shelves
A photographer’s studio, wood-coloured and white, with made-to-measure niches and shelves.
Made-to-measure storage for photography accessories such as tripods, bags and lighting
Storage spaces suitable for photography accessories: tripods, bags and lighting.
Made-to-measure sewing workshop
An exceptionally practical made-to-measure sewing workshop.