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What’s new and beautiful from Schmidt

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The decorative sideboard: a star is born

A new fitted sideboard concept, inspired by crafted furniture. A succession of drawers, whose contents can just be spotted from above…, but no more. Comes in handy to see what’s in the drawers without opening them, and to put away no more than is necessary. The new star of modern kitchens. Astonishingly practical and decorative, to be matched or contrasted with more than 100 colours. Any design goes. 

 The decorative sideboard

Strat Compact: the extra-thin worktop

Just what you always wanted… A new worktop that is so thin (12 mm!) that it simply highlights your units. Ultra-damp-resistant and easy to clean - a quick wipe with a sponge is enough to repair the surface scratches - it includes an under-mounted bowl and a grooved drainage tray for a flush finish. The perfect worktop?

 Compact laminate

Zorio is here!

Always on hand when you need him! The new Zorio adjustable spotlight directs its beam at the speed of the light illuminating your worktop, or can create a particular ambiance, on demand. This elegant brushed stainless steel light is essential in all quality kitchens.


Supermat: the latest-generation fronts

The Nano finish is based on nanotechnologies and is available for the Supermat range of fronts. With a perfect velvety touch that leaves no finger marks, it feels as good as it looks in the deep Black, Everest or Caneo shades. At home everywhere, from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Nano finish

Dressing rooms: genuine made-to-measure, for every shape and size

Dressing room: masculine noun, a genuinely personalised room that many promise and few really offer. Schmidt’s dressing rooms are made to measure to the nearest millimetre. Nothing can stop them. They fill every nook and cranny. With sliding doors for angles, under sloping roofs and other mind-benders. Who said made-to-measure?

Dressing rooms

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