A concrete commitment in our everyday work

At Schmidt, sustainable development is a reality that finds its expression every day and at every level: processes and materials that respect the environment and health, community spirit and individual well-being. This philosophy has now been rewarded with several accolades and certificates.

Become an eco-customer with Schmidt! Schmidt takes social responsibility seriously when it comes to caring for the environment.


Materials and panels with a low level of formaldehyde.

100% recyclable

We aim to use tough, high-quality, entirely renewable materials. Whenever possible, waste is recycled to ensure material repurposing.

Our forests are precious

Because it's a real priority for Schmidt since several years, the majority of our wood comes from sustainably managed forests (PEFC certified).

Efficient examples through energy management. More ideas, less carbon!


Our ultimate goal is to minimise our environmental impact, in particular in terms of greenhouse emissions. Our efforts towards optimal and efficient energy performance have recently been awarded an ISO 50001 certification. In our factories, sustainable development is our goal and here’s how we at Schmidt achieve that everyday:
- Processing 100% of waste
- Limiting pollutant emissions
- Saving energy by heating our factories using our wood offcuts
- Low consumption
- LED lighting in place of neon lamps
- Using local suppliers to reduce transport distances




The human factor is at the heart of our efforts

We continually upgrade and invest in new and improved health and safety measures, in order to reduce the occupational hazards at work, ensuring a safe and secure work environment for our employees.

Schmidt is the first manufacturer to obtain all four ISO certifications.


Schmidt has been awarded the Sustainable Supplier Relations & Procurement accolade after demonstrating its ability to build sustainable and balanced relationships with its suppliers. Working together as trusted partners, we go to great lengths to offer products and services of the highest quality.