Kitchen & dining room bar stools and chairs

Ever faithful to its expertise in creating beautiful units packed full of functionality, SCHMIDT has released a collection of chairs whose minimalistic lines perfectly complement their comfortable and ergonomic design. Our flagship models include stylish kitchen chairs with a rounded back and padded seat, a bar stool that goes hand-in-hand with the raised worktop and a high chair with a quilted seat and an airy tubular steel or wooden leg.

The bar stool comes in a wide number of ultra-stylish neutral colours. Its height is naturally a perfect fit for the central kitchen island, which serves as a stand-up table when snacking. Whether choosing a vintage pastel look, a quintessentially 1960s single-shell design or a modern take on a park chair, our kitchen chairs are made from hard-wearing and low-maintenance materials. Without further ado, find the table to match your designer kitchen or give free rein to your imagination by creating your very own personalised design.

The NEMO kitchen chair

Structure: to beech or not to beech?

A choice of over 25 colours for this eye-catching and wonderfully natural beech structure. You can play with the different colour combinations without losing any of its material appeal and originality. Personalised in our Schmidt factories on request.

Seats: colours to cater for every taste

Thanks to the Collector and Legend colours, you can have your very own palette to play with – you could even choose several colours to create a disorganised-organised feel that is guaranteed to impress! You will not find them anywhere else, except in your home.

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Skye chairs

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The DREAM kitchen high chair

Anything is possible... just like in a dream!

Personalise the tubular structure, the shape of the legs and the colour of the carefully topstitched seat…

Our other stool...


KAMI Stool


ZIKA stool

STEP Stool


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