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Whether a dining room, lounge or open plan kitchen, all rooms where friends and family come together need a table. Thanks to our ability to design bespoke solutions for the entire home, you can personalise your dining table and your modern lounge table to your heart's content. As for the legs, you can choose from a range of rectangular, triangular and even leaf-shaped designs. Our round, square and rectangular table tops are available in a wide choice of finishes. Designer wooden tables are naturally suited to honey, mahogany and grey colours, while other table models look stunning in anything from lacquered colours to natural marble effects and even clear glass.

There is a trendy style to satisfy every need, i.e. round dining room tables with a tapered central leg for 1960s fans, oversize Scandinavian tables for large families, and elegant tables with a white-grained dark marble finish. The lounge coffee table is not short on style with its graphical lines and slim-line table top. We offer a wide range of chairs and stools to match your eye-catching and hard-wearing table.

The EXPANDO dining table

A table top with a personal touch

A table top with a personal touch? Look no further than Expando, a range of tables with infinite… possibilities for personalisation, meaning countless combinations from the dozens of table-top colours, legs and shapes available. Schmidt superior quality included!

Rectangular, triangular and leaf-shaped aluminium legs… the attention to detail

Walking into a Schmidt showroom is like sitting behind the wheel of a luxury car with its sublime materials and flawless finish... every detail has been beautifully crafted, and that includes certain legs, for which you can choose the colour and shape to create a luxuriously personalised table.




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Coffee tables

Take your home interior to new heights with our coffee tables

Lounges, entrances, mezzanines, bedrooms... Sushi will blend in everywhere with its sober structure and highly customisable slim-line top! Go for a harmonious look by designing a TV stand to match your bookcase… Don't be afraid to play with contrasts. Arrange several coffee tables with strong characters in your lounge… An exclusive line of stylish tables from Schmidt for asserting your personality.

The TUBO MINI coffee table

Let your creative streak do the talking! Choose the colour for the delightful neo-retro Tubo legs and then get creative with the table top: a selection of 58 colours, an ultra-sleek 19-mm design, worktop-grade materials… Have fun matching your coffee table with a work of art, a stylish armchair or a pop-style vase. Unsure of your choice? Have faith in yourself! When it comes to ultra-personalised creations, your Schmidt designer will encourage you to follow your instincts for a winning solution.

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