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Bespoke cupboards

Offering the ultimate in functionality and modernity, SCHMIDT's bespoke cabinets bring their stylish finish and beautifully balanced proportions to both bedrooms and lounges. Their wall-hugging design makes best use of the available space and offers countless storage spaces hidden behind their swing or sliding doors. As a practical solution for getting ready in the morning or evening, one or two doors can be replaced with mirrors. A graphical motif can give added sparkle to the fronts, or a selection of open sections and wooden drawers can liven up the overall design.

Unleash your creative streak in the lounge or bedroom: the generous wall bookcase with its flawless lacquer finish can accommodate a fireplace at the bottom. In addition to adjustable shelves and drawers, hallway units can be topped with a pull-down shelf that doubles as a desk. The dual aspect cabinet does a wonderful job of dividing a room into two separate spaces. A spacious oak-coloured closet in an entrance can produce a stunning effect when combined with a series of open recesses with a sun-yellow finish. Design your ideal cabinet... SCHMIDT will waste no time in making your dreams a reality.

Bespoke storage furniture

Shared passions

An essential area for a couple! Storage spaces intended for each member of the family, where they can perfectly organise their hobby area, whether photography or sewing. Each piece of equipment has its rightful place!

Bespoke storage furniture

Italian-style entrance

This sober and elegant entrance coat closet is equipped with a full height sliding mirror door and is guarantee to surprise you with its interior colours (Sirra red), practical wardrobe areas and shoe storage.

Bespoke storage furniture

Showcasing the Entrance

This wall of Magnus-coloured entryway furniture sets the tone for the rest of the house. Wide folding doors open onto an oversize storage area, complete with stylish sliding shoe drawers.

Bespoke storage furniture

Journey to Iceland

A child's bedroom fitted with Iceland-coloured open niches and pull-out drawers, Celest-coloured cabinets with swing doors and a bespoke space-saving wardrobe with a folding door.

Bespoke storage furniture

Stairway to Bespoke Designs

Sloped ceiling
These bespoke under stairs storage units are made from Magnus-coloured melamine, with an Everest melamine open niche and wardrobe.

Bespoke storage furniture

Gold Touch

This design is the epitome of a personalised fitted wardrobe comprising four made-to-measure melamine sliding doors with a Zonza and Gold micron lacquer finish.

Bespoke storage furniture

Stylish Discretion

This Viteo cupboard in the hallway features a Green Tea melamine finish and comprises Neo sliding doors with an Everest White melamine.

Bespoke storage furniture

Sweet Dream

The warmth of the Cognac carcases emphasised by the White high gloss lacquer.

Bespoke storage furniture

Outside The Box

This entrance coat closet features a Tabacco and Madras melamine finish.

Bespoke storage furniture

Cocoon In

This dressing room features a Tabacco and Tonka melamine finish.

Bespoke storage furniture

Dressing Code

These units feature a White and Cognac gloss lacquer finish.

Bespoke storage furniture

Magic Wall

Dining room
This design features a White and Tonka melamine finish.

Bespoke storage furniture

To The Nearest Millimetre

Living room
This made-to-measure bookcase features an Everest and Caneo gloss lacquer finish.