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Furniture for sloping roofs and below stairs

Are you on the lookout for a storage solution in the attic, a fitted wardrobe beneath a sloping ceiling or an under-stairs cabinet? SCHMIDT will come to the rescue with countless bespoke interior solutions to maximise the available space and make best use of every nook and cranny. Thanks to our technical expertise and insatiable taste for graphical, minimalistic lines, these smart and practical interior solutions are guaranteed to captivate. A dressing room is the ideal solution for making best possible use of an attic room and can be kitted out with spacious wardrobes featuring built-in clothes rails, countless shelves, shoe boxes and an array of open and closed recesses. A wardrobe with mirror sliding doors can bring an extra touch of style to the entire room.

For a cosy atmosphere beneath the eaves, a fitted wardrobe that divides the room in half is an excellent solution with storage columns and spacious compartments in varying heights and contrasting colours. A bespoke wardrobe harmoniously follows the contours of the sloping ceiling in a bedroom and comes complete with an internal lighting system that springs to life as soon as the doors are opened. If you wish to enhance a child's bedroom with a corner wardrobe, the dimensions can be adapted to ensure a perfect fit.

Bespoke storage furniture

Top flight

Dressing room
For enthusiasts who need to store and organise their favourite sports gear: the athlete’s dressing room showcases your collection of sneakers and trophies in the countless bespoke cubbyholes.

Bespoke storage furniture

Smooth Incline

This attic bedroom is equipped with an Everest-coloured swing door closet, a desk with Esmeralda lacquered niches and a matching Avena-coloured bedside cabinet.

Bespoke storage furniture

Stairway to Bespoke Designs

Sloped ceiling
These bespoke under stairs storage units are made from Magnus-coloured melamine, with an Everest melamine open niche and wardrobe.

Bespoke storage furniture

Family Spirit

This corner wardrobe for attic bedrooms is finished in Slowwood melamine with Pashmina and Green Tea lacquer.

Bespoke storage furniture

Reading Room

Living room
This corner unit comprises Loft elements with a Kashmir Grey and Shamrock finish.

Bespoke storage furniture

High Level Of Perfection

Dressing room
Who said that you cannot fit a large and stylish wardrobe in an attic bedroom?