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High-end products meant for you

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Our philosophy is simple: continuous innovation to ensure the high quality and unique nature of our products and services and your total satisfaction. How do we do this? By upholding and improving upon our standards of genuine fitted products, manufactured to the nearest millimetre, with new functionalities for more convenience and storage capacity and, of course, by making units that are as beautiful and stylish inside as they are outside. All of this, at attractive and competitive prices.

Premium quality as standard

Whatever your budget, and at no extra cost, we want you to enjoy Schmidt quality at its very best. Factory-assembled units, thick panels, high-end pandrawers and internal drawers with glass sides, silent buffers, non-slip mats, 24 carcase colours, reliable mechanisms. We have the most exacting quality demands and our units are designed to last.

Quality: tested, approved, certified 

In our factories in France, we are committed to manufacturing products of the highest quality, as recognised by our ISO 9001-certified processes. Everything is continually checked, approved and improved. Our units are all tested in our laboratory before being approved for release. They are designed to resist every challenge, even children bursting with energy. They are then checked throughout the entire production process before being delivered to your nearest showroom. This means they arrive at your home in perfect condition!


Rigorous tests by independent organisations
Schmidt quality, our guarantee

The factory-assembled units are resistant to time's wear and tear and can hold up to 32 plates

* due to the strength of the unit carcases and 19-mm thick shelf panels.

A kitchen built to last made possible by the dowelled and glued assembly which allows us to provide a 10-year warranty on the units. 

All our hinges and metal parts are laboratory tested (200,000 opening / closing cycles). You won’t need to replace the hinges for 25 years.

Worktops that resist the passage of time. Not only do our laminate worktops come with a 10 years guarantee but they also are water-repellent.

Front edging in 1.4-mm impact-resistant polyurethane and veneered rear edging to avoid any risk of water damage. 

Drawer runners that can support loads from 30 kg to 65 kg. Store what you want, your drawers can hold it.